For Nail Artistry & Manicures

NAILS-LUXE is all about encouraging everyone to be confident enough to celebrate themselves and embrace their own creativity. All elements of the brushes and the pressed chrome palette have been meticulously designed to compliment the way all nail technicians, manicurists and artists work.


I have been using my brush every day since I received it and I just wanted to say it’s incredible! I can be so accurate with it & so easy and comfortable to hold 🤍


I can honestly say I’ve never been able to get as close to the cuticle (comfortably) as I do with brush A. It’s truly a dream to work with! Thank you for bring your tech knowledge to tech tools! Match made in heaven! Xx


I literally love my new brushes, they are by far the best i have used in the whole 14 years i have been in the industry!


I have a chronic illness that affects my hands so I always struggle to hold brushes that are round so i am so gratful that you have brought out a set of brushes that for me will be so much easier to hold! Inclusivity is amazing!


Received my brush today and can I just say wow! Ive used many brands of brushes over the years and nothing compares to the quality & precision.


They are insane! So comfortable and easy to use! Love the fact they're so thin as well.


I've just recieved my new brushes from you and they are amazing!! I cant wait to add to my collection! The smell of the packaging is gorgeous.