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The silicone ended tool with a multitude of uses. To make your life easier when applying gold leaf and burnishing in your favourite chrome. 

- Luxe brush with synthetic hair,  Vegan & Cruelty Free

- Unique hexagon shaped handle for comfort when using & stops your brushes rolling off the table!

- Comes with a protective Flexi Cap, designed to grip securely on your brush so it doesn't fall off and keep uv rays & dust away. Flexi lids only need to be gently paced onto the brush (they are not like regular lids that need to be pushed on hard) they grip on really easily.

- When removing the Flexi lid hold onto the very tip of the lid and twist to avoid damaging the brush inside.

To clean your brushes gently wipe with a lint pad with isopropyl alcohol. Keep the brush and bristles away from acetone to prolong the life of your brush.

BRUSH CARE - Click for more info